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More About Us

The following is an excerpt taken from a book of Alice Hughes: 


“There was a private boys’ school in Merrickville (perhaps the private school referred to in the 1860 Wolford Superintendent’s report), at one time known as the Minto School.  It appears that this school was located in the same stone building on Main Street which had served as a common school and which is now used by the local branch, #245 of the Canadian Legion (McKenzie, 1967).  This stone building was reportedly in use as a school until 1873, the year the two-story brick school on Main Street in Merrickville was build.”

The Royal Canadian Legion sold the building in 2012 and, as you can see, it was enlarged and fully renovated.  The original structure is a registered heritage building so cannot be torn down nor was there any desire to do so.  Therefore, the inside was gutted and the exterior walls left intact.  In 2018, an additional building was added to the property and is referred to as the Annex.  With "top-end" construction for the renovation to the original building and the new spaces, the 1840 Guest House B&B offers a truly unique combination of heritage charm and modern amenities.

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